Sphere of Influence Increase your Connections, Gain Instant Credibility and Achieve All Your Goals FASTER


The foremost way to maximize the intellectual capital, credibility and connections
of your Sphere of Influence alliances!


Successful businesses understand the power of Centers of Influence, Referral Alliances and Joint Ventures with other complimentary (not competitive) businesses and professionals.

The most profitable Centers of Influence, Alliances and Joint Ventures will be discovered right within a business or professionals own client base.

The Sphere of Influence of your customers can introduce businesses that compliment yours rather than compete with you directly. These non-competing businesses have customers that will purchase your products.

In addition to consumers having numerous purchasing options and alternatives, they are placing less trust in brand messages.
To break through the growing clutter, a strategic alliance or a joint venture is the ultimate vehicle to get you immediate access, credibility and trust.

Leverage your Sphere of Influence Alliances’ credibility and trust … ask them to champion you and roll out the red carpet.

It’s the quality of their relationships that open doors for you.


The Roper Organization studied influential people for 47 years. According to Tom Miller, Roper senior vice-president, the key element is activity. Being active in their communities both socially and politically builds their visibility, credibility, and their sphere of influence.

Further, the Roper studies found that the involvement of the center of influence sets them apart and establishes them as a role model. People trust them and actively seek their advice. They are not necessarily presidents of the biggest companies, organizations or clubs, but achievers who are charismatic, well-disciplined and well-respected.

A Center of Influence is someone who consistently sends you people who are Class-A prospects. Why?
– The Center of Influence is sold on you and/or what you are doing.
–  He/she knows you as a person of integrity and character.
– They know you will only be involved in something that’s good, beneficial, and needed.

One of the Most Powerful Marketing Strategies in Business.

What is Possible?

1.) Thomas formed alliances with Banks, Asset Management Companies, Financial Institutions and other Corporate clients.

Less than 5 months -$9,500,000.00 in sales the first quarter of year

Valued $150,000,000 worth of properties each month, with $32,000,000.00 in the pipeline

Received over a dozen quality leads every day!

2.) A real estate website generated over three hundred thousand unique visitors within their first ninety days. They did not invest in pay per click advertising, they had NO social media accounts, they conducted NO email marketing, NO newspaper, magazine or direct mail and had NO website blog.


Formed alliances with six Chambers of Commerce, numerous newspapers and magazines, business consultants, lawyers, IT firms, non-competing businesses and a partnership with the County School District.

Chambers of Commerce mailed out letters of introduction to its members opening doors and suggested they do business with the firm. In house seminars were also provided since a mutual partnering alliance was entered into.

The School Board provided a partnership letter which resulted in new sponsorships of a Who’s Who of Corporations: BUSCH Gardens, Office Depot, Norrell, Robert W. BAIRD Investment Bankers, Webster Institute of Technology etc.

Business Professionals set up appointments with their clientele. Television stations promoted these alliances.

Database Marketing Social Media Business Government Databases


Learn how to locate leads on Social Media, Business
and Government Databases

Analyzing marketing results…how much money did the newspaper or magazine ad or sales letter or website generate? Does anything else really matter? “Show Me the Money!”

Sales training programs provided by outside trainers or brokers may use different terminology and methods of delivery, but they are consistent in their old-school approach to selling.

Agents end up following the same marketing methods as everyone else. By mirroring everyone else, they miss the opportunity to achieve great results.

If you want to expand your business, you need to explore new ways of doing things.

Following the same marketing methods to build a solid customer base ends up being expensive. Why?

Because when you advertise and market, you also pay to get people you don’t sell to.

Being sold similar advertising and marketing materials as your competitors, dilutes everyone’s results, reduces credibility, and hurts an agent’s bottom line.

No One Cares about You or Your Agency

They want to know how YOU are going to help them…What’s in it for them.

Agents are taught to tell their stories as if they are the only game in town, when in reality, they’re not.

Prospects are making expensive, lifestyle decisions and they are seeking representation that is competent, credible and trustworthy.

Spending frivolously on branding and image building advertising only fills the pockets of those companies selling their products and their services.


Top brands on Facebook and Twitter are reaching only 2% of their fans, and only 0.07% of followers actually interact with each post. They’re wasting significant financial, technological, and human resources on social networks that don’t deliver value.

The mistake most agents make…is they try to sound like big companies. Big companies produce boring, stuffy, politically correct, legally reviewed marketing.

After five years in the industry, only 13% make it as a real estate agent. 4% of the top agents control 75% of the market.

If you do what everyone else does, you are guaranteeing that your results 
will be no better than everyone else.

Following the same Marketing Playbook as the Also-rans will find your business WANTING.


Marketers are taught to update their social media accounts daily with their content. The Majority Fail!

Do what everyone else does and you get the same results…POOR to Non Existent.

Social Media accounts are Databases loaded with leads. Some are just thinking about buying or selling, but others are ready now.

Learn how to locate leads on Social Media, Business and Government Databases (Be Proactive)

As an example, for every 100 connections on LinkedIn, a real estate broker can make 12 sales in a year. Learn the system! Do the opposite of the majority and can the Old-School Thinking.